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A down and out store clerk discovers a series of self-help videotapes.

Written, Directed, and Edited by: Michael Elliott Dennis
Director of Photography: Richard TK Hawke
Produced by: Michael Elliott Dennis and Richard TK Hawke
Starring: Michael D'Angelo, Shannon Connolly and Dennis Hurley

Award Winner:

2018 Videodrunk Film Festival—Intertoto Award (Best Film of its Screening Block)
2019 Sick 'n' Wrong Film Festival—Bloody Keyboard Award (Best Writing)


2019 Snake Alley Festival of Film—Best Comedy
2019 Sick 'n' Wrong Film Festival—Golden Tentacle (Best Overall Film)
2019 GenreBlast Film Festival—Best WTF Short; Best Score Short
2019 Deep Cut Film Festival—Deep Cut Award (Best of Fest)

Official Selection:

2019 DC Independent Film Festival
2019 MidWest WeirdFest
2019 Denver Underground Film Festival
April 2019 Boston Underground Film Festival: Dispatches From The Underground
2019 Capital City Film Festival
2019 il Corto in Spiaggia
2019 Threadbare Mitten Film Festival
2019 NOLA Horror Film Fest
2019 Pile of Bones Underground Film Festival
2019 Shawna Shea Memorial Film Festival
2019 401 Film Fest
2019 Nightmares Film Festival
2019 PA Indie Shorts Film Festival
2019 Stuff MX Film Festival